The NJATC recognizes, on an annual basis, the contributions that our Training Partners make to the IBEW, NECA and the NJATC. Each year the NJATC tallies the total contributions made by each Training Partner and recognizes those that achieve award-winning status.

It is important to note that these “contributions” are not traditional financial contributions made on behalf of the Training Partner to the NJATC. Instead, these contributions are based on the efforts that the Training Partner makes in assisting the NJATC in curriculum development projects and training efforts. For example, when a training partner assists the NAJTC in conducting a “train-the-trainer” class, the training partner receives credit for their costs associated with participating in the training event. Similarly, when a training partner provides technical assistance to the NJATC in developing new curriculum or training materials, a credit is awarded on the Training Partner’s behalf. Training Partners can also receive credit for developing or sharing their web-based courses on the NJATCU.

Training Partners receive the awards each summer at the NJATC National Training Institute held in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan.

Companies and organizations that are interested in learning more about the NJATC Training Partners Program should contact the NJATC directly for additional information.


NJATC Training Partners receive many benefits from working with the NJATC, IBEW and NECA. The primary benefit for many of the Training Partners is the opportunity to share their knowledge of their products and services directly with the men and women who install and purchase their products and services. Additionally, many training partners find that product familiarity among NJATCU users leads to better and more frequent use and selection in the field.

Training Partners are also provided the opportunity to gather together on an annual basis to meet and talk directly with representatives of the NJATC, IBEW and NECA about the electrical industry and discuss additional opportunities to integrate their products and services within our industry. Training Partners receive the additional benefit of networking with some of the very best electrical manufacturers and organizations in the industry.

The 2010 NJATC Training partner Summit is scheduled for September 15-17, 2010 in West Palm Beach Florida at the beautiful PGA National Hotel and Resort. For additional information on how you can participate in this important industry event, please contact the NJATC.

The 2009 NJATC Virtual Training Partner Summit contains valuable information on NJATC, IBEW and NECA programs available for our industry Training Partners. To access the archive recording of this event, please click here!


NJATC Training Partners are also afforded the opportunity to participate each year in the NJATC’s National Training Institute (NTI). NTI is the electrical industry’s premier industry training event conducted in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan. Each summer over 2,000 participants gather to share ideas and learn the latest information on technological developments and teaching methodology for the electrical industry.

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The annual event begins each year with the NTI Trade Show. The 2010 NTI Trade Show was conducted this year on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, August 1.