Join us at NECA 2010!

The upcoming NECA Show, October 1-5, 2010 in Boston, provides a great opportunity for electrical contractors and their key personnel to learn about the latest training programs, products and services that can help the transition into energy contractors. Those of us charged with training responsibilities can also benefit greatly from the programs at the NECA Show. This Special Bulletin outlines all of the pre-convention workshops available to Apprentices, Journeyman, Instructors, Electrical Contractors and their key employees, as well as information on the trade show and technical workshops that are being offered as an added benefit through our partnership with NECA.

As you will see, NECA has put together an outstanding program in Boston that has something for everybody. I think you will agree that the ROI for the NECA Show is exceptional and all segments of our industry can benefit from attending the Show. NECA is offering a FREE Admission Coupon for the trade show and the technical workshops that take place on the show floor. The pre-convention workshops are offered at a very reasonable rate and provide a good value to all of our JATCs.

I strongly encourage you to attend the Show if at all possible. If you do, please stop by the NAJTC booth (#225) to say hello. The NJATC Staff will be on hand and as always look forward to talking shop with you. I hope to see you in Boston!

Michael Callanan, Executive Director

Houston Neal of has said, “In the next 10 to 20 years ‘electrical contractor’ will no longer be a suitable title.” Neal states that electrical contractors must transition into “energy contractors to support the fast-growing green construction market.” In order to successfully complete this “transition,” our electrical contractors will have to address many aspects of their business plan and model. One aspect will be especially critical; training. Training will help drive their business and separate them from their competition. As you can see, training is critical and that puts you and your JATC right in the middle of the challenge!