Central New York JATC

Training Offerings

  • Inside Wireman Apprenticeship
  • CW/CE (Construction Wireman/Construction Electrician)
  • Journeyman Upgrade

Photo Gallery

  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC
  • Central New York JATC

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Jeff DeSocio
4566 Waterhouse Road
Clay, NY 13041
315 546-0221

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Physical Characteristics

  • Welding Lab
  • Conduit Fabrication Lab
  • Splicing/Terminating Lab
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Lecture Hall
  • Solar Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Telecommunications Lab
  • Fire Alarm Lab
  • Fiber Optic Lab
  • Motor Control Lab
  • Life Safety Lab
  • Programmable Logic Computer Lab
  • Circuitry Lab
  • Craft Certification Station
  • Lifting and Rigging Lab



The Central New York JATC's Training Center  is located in Clay, New York - a suburb about 10 miles north of Syracuse.  Our apprentices attend on-the-job training in the area commonly known as "Central New York" .  The John J. Barry Building houses the "Electricians Training and Technology Center" at 4566 Waterhouse Rd.  Follow the Google maps option on this home page or follow the directions on our website.  Keep reading for more information.

As you may know, apprenticeship is a tried and true method of learning a skill or a trade from someone who already knows how to do it.  Apprenticeship involves learning in the classroom and on the job. If you stay on track, work regularly and progress as expected, you can complete our  electrical apprenticeship in five years. 

Our apprentices attend school one day a week in their first, second and third years.  This day school environment takes place for forty weeks of instruction spread out over forty three weeks on the calendar.   Fourth and fifth year apprentices attend class two nights a week. Our instructors are all journey-level electricians who have completed an apprenticeship themselves.  After all, who better to teach you than somebody who learned the same way you will? 

There is no direct charge or tuition for enrolling in apprenticeship. In fact, you're paid to learn the trade and you earn more money as your knowledge, skill and aptitude increase. We call this "Earn While You Learn".  The entrance requirements are strict and the selection process is highly competitve.  If you like physical work, following a rewarding career track, learning interesting and valuable subjects and enjoy personal and professional development, why not learn more about our program? 

Click on our website www.cnyjatc.org for lots more information.  After cruising around the site,  you can even apply online.  You'll see the tab - GO FOR IT!