About JATC Centers

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of the NJATC, IBEW and NECA is our comprehensive network of JATC and AJATCs throughout the United States and Canada. Collectively, these training centers contribute in excess of $125 million to train new electrical workers and upgrade existing journey-level workers skill sets each year. At virtually no cost to taxpayers, our JATCs and AJATCs are committed to training the next generation of electrical workers and ensuring the electrical industry has a pool of highly-qualified electrical workers to meet the dynamic needs of this growing industry.
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Applications for the various apprenticeship programs are administered locally by each JATC or AJATC. Interested applicants and those interested in working with AJATC or AJATC are encouraged to contact them directly. 

IBEW and NECA training centers are jointly administered by labor and management. For this reason, the acronym “JATC,” or Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is utilized to designate the shared commitment to apprenticeship and training by both labor and management. The vast majority of our JATCs offer apprenticeship programs leading to journeyman status in three areas of the electrical industry; Inside (commercial & industrial) Residential, and Installer Technician (low voltage & IBS).

In our Outside Industry Apprenticeship Program (line construction and power generation, transmission and distribution), training centers can be organized across multiple states and are classified as “AJATCs’ or Area-Wide Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees.

The NJATC is responsible for developing curriculum and training materials for over (285) JATCs and (9) AJATCs. To find a JATC training center in your area, click here.